As the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia & Benelux agent for TASS, we are responsible for sales and support of the TASS-Safe products within our regions, these include:

MAthematical DYnamic MOdels. MADYMO, the world's leading crash safety design software.

Building on over 30 years' experience of vehicle crash safety MADYMO can support you to improve your safety design. Next to the design of safety systems like airbags and seatbelts, MADYMO also helps in the reconstruction and analysis of real accidents.

PreScan is a simulation environment for the design and validation of ADAS- advanced driver assistance systems (e.g. ACC, LDW), collision mitigation systems, pre-crash sensing systems and active headlight applications.

 PreScan contains detailed models of all sensors used for automotive ADAS such as radar, laser, lidar and camera. Traffic scenarios are easily built through an intuitive user-interface for the definition of environmental agents such as roads, trees and buildings; actors such as cars, trucks, bikes, pedestrians; weather conditions and light circumstances. PreScan has interfaces with Matlab/Simulink, JAVA, CarSim, veDYNA, dSPACE and National Instruments.

Delft-Tyre provides an integrated solution for tyre modelling in simulations of vehicle dynamics, including tyre testing and model parameter identification.

Based on the renowned Pacejka Magic Formula, Delft-Tyre products have proven capabilities in the assessment and modelling of tyre behaviour, from simple steady state to complex high frequency tyre dynamics. One of the main advantages of our integrated tool chain is that the same tyre model can be used for handling, comfort and durability simulations. Application areas include passenger cars, motorcyle and aircraft landing gear.

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STARS uses the power of HVE-CSI to reconstruct the vehicle dynamics before, during and after the crash before using MADYMO to assess occuapnt injuries and movement.

HVE-CSI is a unique version of Engineering Dynamics Corporation's HVE highway safety research software that focuses directly on the needs of the law enforcement crash reconstructionist. HVE-CSI provides the reconstruction and simulation capabilities used to investigate a crash by including two well-known reconstruction software tools, EDCRASH and EDSMAC. These tools have been extensively validated, and results have been presented and accepted in courts worldwide for over 20 years.Models,

STARS uses the power of MADYMO to simulate the occupant behavior inside the vehicle before, during and after the crash.

MADYMO is the top occupant restraint system simulation and design tool that is used by most car manufacturers to do all their occupant simulation. It is accepted all over the world as the most accurate and well validated tool to perform occupant simulations. MADYMO has a complete set of accurate models of crash test dummies as well as the world renowned actual humans models in various body sizes.