Vehicle Interior Examinations

We currently assist several UK Police Forces in undertaking forensic examinations of vehicle interiors and restraint components to investigate the circumstances of accidents, primarily focusing on the interaction of occupants and/or pedestrians to the vehicle.

Projects include:

  • Vehicle interior investigation for bio-mechanical assessment of occupants based on injuries sustained. 
  • Forensic evaluation of vehicles relating to occupant ejection scenarios and defining point of exit.
  • Detailed airbag and seatbelt examinations including component strip downs relating to performance during crash events.

Analysis of seat damage and/or seating position.Detailed forensic laser scanning of vehicle interiors both for measurement and visualization purposes, and to ensure continuity of evidence.

We have a proven track record of delivering results, combining our advanced scanning techniques alongside internally developed methodologies and with our simulation services we deliver decisive evidence in court.


With ever increasing applications, specialized software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organization.

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