Forensic Data Capture

The Leica HDS7000 currently used by Advanced Simtech is a precision instrument ideally suited to the field of forensics. With a range of up to 187m, it is capable of capturing large crime scenes and detailed evidence markings (vehicle damage, debris, blood splatter, etc.) to a high degree of accuracy. The equipment is portable and is unaffected by the prevailing weather and lighting conditions.

What is the advantage of scanning over conventional methods? 

With conventional techniques it is necessary to make a subjective judgement about what information will be recorded at the scene. Using 3-Dimensional laser scanning provides a more objective approach – everything within line of sight of the laser is captured. By repeating the scan from additional positions and then merging the resulting data, we are able to provide a comprehensive 3-Dimensional model of the scene, accurate to +/- 1 mm. 

This provides investigators with the ability to “revisit” the original scene for further spatial analysis or to collect additional data via their computer screen. Plus this data can be accurately merged with any initial scene survey data captured.

How can the data be used?

The 3-Dimensional models produced can be used:

  • To create detailed scene plans, complementing the existing 2-Dimensional survey data.
  • To allow investigators to view the scene from different angles - useful for confirming witness statements and checking what could be seen from any particular location.
  • For presentation in court - colour information collected as part of the scanning process can be added in order to generate photo-realistic models to aid the jury in understanding the evidence being presented.
  • For obtaining accurate measurements, even post-event.
  • CCTV overlay and positioning
  • 3D interactive models
  • Blood Spatter analysis 
  • Bullet trajectories in 3D alignment


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HDS 7000 Scanner

  • Class 1 Laser Safety Rating
  • Captures up to 1,000,000 points per second
  • Range up to 187m
  • Controlled and repeatable accuracy
  • Fully portable
  • IP53 rating with a "encapsulated mirror"
  • Onboard data storage and battery.
  • Operates in most weather and lighting conditions

Leica HDS7000 Datasheet

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