We are often asked to assist police investigations relating to complex occupant injury scenarios either relating to restraint usage, ejection or determination of seating position prior to collision. Our reports and simulations have been successfully shown and presented in Coroners courts and Crown courts throughout the UK.

We have a proven track record of providing legal reports and verbal evidence in both coroners and crown courts throughout the UK helping to demonstrate how unique injuries and kinematics of occupants can occur and more significantly breaking down complex issues into a series of pieces of information based on physical evidence or our unique professional knowledge in the area of Biomechanics and safety restraint analysis.

Often we are able to assist investigators and authorities in information based on what was most likely to have occurred in a given situation as well as what would not have been able to occur in a particular instance.

We always offer a fully independent review on the available evidence including our own detailed vehicle interior examinations prior to commencing any formal investigation.  Are expert services are available to all customers with the understanding that we are offering a wholly independent service not dependant on matching any pre-defined outcome.

 We have successfully worked together with several UK police forces including:

  • Gloucestershire Police
  • Avon & Somerset Police
  • Devon & Cornwall
  • Leicestershire,
  • Greater Manchester Police

We are also registered with the UK police’s NPIA with regards to our unique expert witness capability in biomechanics and forensic Scanning.