Forensic Expert Witness Services 

Advanced Simtech staff regularly provide forensic expert witness support that is independent, impartial and firmly founded. We specialise in the areas of ‘human biomechanics’ and ‘advanced safety technology’ and have been providing accident reconstruction for the UK courts since 1999.

Our specialists are particularly adept at defining the material relevant to a particular case and then presenting it effectively and in a manner that ensures understanding of their opinions and findings. 

As every case is unique we strive to ensure that the most appropriate medium is used to illustrate to all parties the findings derived from our investigations. Whether through a purely verbal delivery, detailed 3D visualisations, or complex mathematical model, we have the ability to communicate openly and clearly in any situation.

These presentations of evidence and forensic expert witness opinion have been used successfully both in the courtroom and at other formal investigation settings. We are privileged to represent European Insurers, UK Police Authorities and Automotive manufacturers through the unique level of expertise, service, advice and professionalism that our clients have come to expect.

Our physics based models not only help vislualise the crime scene but are able to demonstrate both what could and what couldn't have occured, based on mathematical representation of the evidence available available,

Our CV is listed on the Expert Adviser's Database managed by the Crime Team at the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Formerly NPIA), in relation to my areas of expertise in the reconstruction of accidents, Forensic Laser Scanning and the interpretation of biomechanical data.

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Advanced Simtech are specialists in 3D Laser Scanning  allowing us to make a thorough and detailed analysis of any crime scene, accident or collision.

With ever increasing applications, specialised software and highly advanced methodologies; contact us now on +44 (0)1789 264 782 for information on our forensic expert witness services. 

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