Occupant Analysis

Biomechanics brings together the disciplines of physics, engineering and biology forging an understanding of the forces acting upon a person and the effects produced by such forces...

When applied to the occupants of a vehicle, biomechanical analysis can be invaluable in determining how the occupants would have moved as a result of a collision and how they would have interacted with the vehicle and with each other.  This enables us to assist the collision investigation team, determining where occupants of the vehicle were seated and, in particular, identifying which of the occupants was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. 

Occupant analysis using computer reconstruction

A typical case of this type involves a fatal collision where there are grounds for criminal proceedings against one of the surviving occupants, but where existing forensic evidence is insufficient to prove who was driving the vehicle at the time of the collision.

All of the available physical evidence is used to create an accurate mathematical model of the collision.  Using the madymo logo.jpg Human Body Models- the world's leading crash safety design software, we simulate the vehicle's occupants. These models are extremely accurate representations of humans which are then scaled to represent each individual occupant. 

Using a series of iterative techniques- a method of approximation, we investigate whether all scenarios matching the physical evidence (including marking and damage to the vehicle interior and final resting positions of occupants) implicate the same driver.

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Additional techniques

In addition to creating full computer reconstructions we also use our knowledge and understanding of biomechanics and of occupant safety systems to develop new ways of analysing the available information.

As with our reconstruction work, we understand the need to ensure that any methods and solutions we develop meet the stringent requirements for presentation as evidence in the UK courts and will stand up to scrutiny by other Expert Witnesses.

With ever increasing applications, specialised software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organisation.


We were recently able to use data collected by our high-definition laser scanner in conjunction with biofidelic Human Body Models in order to carry out an ergonomic analysis.  

We were able to demonstrate in a clear and highly visual manner that the smaller of the vehicle's two occupants would not have been able to reach the controls with the seat in the recorded position.

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