Accident Reconstruction 

Our advanced methodologies, ranging from interior examinations and seat damage interpretation through to complex mathematical models, allow us to give a unique insight into how the vehicle and its occupants have moved during a collision. Our toolset allows us to make detailed traffic accident reconstructions which have been used with great success in criminal investigations.

Our road traffic accident reconstruction provides detailed analysis on:

  • Single vehicle, multiple occupant collisions.
  • Collisions involving motorcycles or bicycles.
  • Pedestrian impacts.
  • Loss of control.
  • Occupant ejection from a vehicle.
  • Driver identification when there are multiple occupants within a single vehicle.

We are able to assess situations and recreate complex real world accidents through the iterative methodology developed internally at Advanced Simtech, allowing us to offer advice and understanding on the key influences involved in each case.

For further information on our traffic accident reconstruction services check out our Occupant Analysis, Simulation and Vulnerable Road Users pages.  

As specialists in 3D Laser Scanning , Advanced Simtech offer unparalleled insight in collision reconstruction and are able to perform accurate occupant analysis and passenger ejection examinations.

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