Vulnerable Road Users

Advanced Simtech offers detailed analysis of collisions involving most types of vehicle and road user. This includes motorcyclists, pedal cyclists, and pedestrians. Our specialized software and highly developed methodologies allow us to reconstruct complex collisions in order to draw conclusions upon such factors as:

• Rider inputs
• Loss of control
• Headstrike location
• Injuries
• Throw trajectory

Similar to our work in multiple occupant car collision scenarios, in instances of motorcycle collisions involving two occupants we can often assist where there is question over who was in charge of the motorcycle at the time of the collision.

As part of the ongoing development of our services, Advanced Simtech is in collaboration with a number of academic institutions, supporting undergraduate and postgraduate projects in the fields of biomechanics, pedestrian injury, and forensic laser scanning.

With ever increasing applications, specialized software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organization.