Mine Blast Protection

When a mine blast or improvised explosive device (IED) detonates it will have a destructive effect on any vehicle within its range.  

Aside from risk factors such as:

  • Fragmentation
  • Gases
  • Light Flash
  • Heat

The vehicle (and consequently the vehicle’s occupants) will experience extensive mechanical loading as a result of such an explosion. 

Using a range of anthropometrical test devices (ATD’s) and virtual human models, we are able to carry out computer simulations to assist both vehicle manufacturers and commissioning organizations to understand the effect on the occupant of both:

  • Local deformation of the vehicle (e.g. buckling of the footplate) 
  • Global motion of the vehicle (e.g. vertical motion or rapid rotation) 

As well as looking at blast survivability, we are also able to provide information on the likely severity of an injury by utilising known injury criteria and risk assessment curves. In addition, simulation can provide a rapid and cost-effective means of evaluating the likely benefit to the occupant of a proposed vehicle modification.

                    091006114542.jpg        091006114536.jpg

The chart below demonstrates the sequence of mechanical loading across the human body based upon a direct mine detonation applied to the front axle of a mine clearance vehicle. This sequence is driven by the interaction of the occupant to the vehicle. 

Mine blast image.png


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