Recent Laser Scanning Projects

Our high definition laser scanning equipment alongside highly advanced techniques allow us to offer our clients a rapid and flexible 3-Dimensional capture solution that is suitable for scanning both large, open scenes and fine detail on vehicles and engineering components. 

Cost effective scan deliverables can be made available to clients in a wide range of formats, from 2-Dimensional plans and 3-Dimensional CAD models, to damage assessment overlays and detailed virtual models. 


Rotary Wing Aircraft


One of the world's leading defence technology and security companies chose Advanced Simtech to support their human protection and integration team in evaluating a range of rotary winged aircraft: part of a crew protection systems development programme. These included Gazelle, Lynx, Puma, Seaking, Merlin and Chinook aircrafts. With emphasis on the cockpits, the aircraft were laser scanned and then modelled in a multi-body analysis software package. Subsequently these models were used in crash performance evaluations of both the restraint systems and seating.

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Military Vehicles


Following the above work we were invited once again to support, this time in a development programme for the Ministry of Defence which entailed the capture of precise geometry of several key front line vehicles. All were of theatre entry specification (modified for battle with armour) and were captured within a single day in order to minimise site disruption. The data was promptly delivered in various  formats, allowing the incorporation of accurate ‘as-is’ data into the programme.

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Livery Design


In this project we were asked to capture the detailed external geometry of a commercial freight plane to assist in producing new livery designs for a rebranding project with our exported CAD data.

Stage 1:  This shows the raw point-cloud data produced by the scanner. This basic 3-Dimensional model is very quickly produced and can be used for simple visualisation and measurement tasks.

Stage 2:  Data captured by the attached digital camera is used to assign a colour value to each point in the cloud. This is used to produce a photo-realistic  3-Dimensional image.

Stage 3:  Using one of our range of software packages, a fully surfaced 3-Dimensional model can also be produced. This model can then be imported into a CAD/CAE package, as required by the end user.


Heritage Scan - Church


A laser scanner can help minimalise the effort when historical buildings require restoration or a distorted structure needs additional attention. The application of laser scanning offers designers and engineers desktop access to a 3-Dimensional model of the structure from where they can measure individual elevations or annotate the entire model.


CAD Modelling - Stratford Centre Scan


The aim of this scan was to be able to substitute any building frontage with that of a CAD model developed by a local architect in order to understand the effect of a variety of chosen designs on the surrounding environment. 

We were able to produce detailed CAD sections of the street.


With ever increasing applications, specialized software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organization.

Detailed city centre survey for redevelopment plans 

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HDS 7000 Scanner

  • Class 1 Laser Safety Rating
  • Captures up to 1,000,000 points per second
  • Range up to 187m
  • Controlled and repeatable accuracy
  • Fully portable
  • IP53 rating with a "encapsulated mirror"
  • Onboard data storage and battery.
  • Operates in most weather and lighting conditions

Leica HDS7000 Datasheet


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