Industrial Laser Scanning and Plant Surveys

In a similar way to civil projects, the scanner allows analysis of all sites much faster than a total station. In many cases, such as complex pipe networks, the 3-Dimensional scan allows a new pipe to be fitted virtually before being installed on site, thereby minimising risk and maximizing efficiency on site. Call us today on +44 (0)1789 264 782 to enquire about our industrial laser scanning services. 

Other mechanical applications include:

• Plant Modelling
• Site surveys
• 'As built' surveys
• Retro fit design
• Setting out
• Machine alignment
• Clearance assessment

Nuclear Inspection

In an industry where safety has the highest priority, 3-Dimensional laser scanning comes into its own. Using the scanner, a problem site in a radiation or contamination zone can be quickly captured and then later analysed in the office, vastly reducing exposure to radioactivity. Exposure can be further reduced by remotely operating the device from the safety of a CNil zone (non-public/slight risk zones).

Advanced Simtech is currently working together with key partners to help supply industrial laser scanning services to the Nuclear industry.


With ever increasing applications, specialized software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organization.