Marine Scanning

For the majority of marine vessels in active service there is neither digital documentation nor detailed 3-Dimensional CAD models. Even though vessels currently under construction are designed purely on 3-Dimensional data, they suffer the same lack of documentation as their previous models in terms of their true ‘as-built’ geometry. Due to the inaccuracies generated from the build up of engineering process tolerances there is always a mismatch between conception and the completed components produced. The actual 'as-built' shape of the vessel, from the hull to the internal layout of features such as piping, is not always accurately reflected in the plans.

As a result, there is a negative effect on any subsequent retrofit or refurbishment programme as there are unknown quantities which could affect the fit and function of new parts- as the vessel's plans differ from the vessel.

By utilising laser scanning‘s true-to-life modelling we are able to offer marine engineers a more accurate way to ensure their vessels are built and modified correctly and safely from the start, saving time and money.

Advanced Simtech has built on expertise gained in the scanning of military land vehicles and littoral vessels in order to include the marine industry as one of its core business sectors.

The services Offered are:

  • 3-Dimensional scanning of objects that are virtually unlimited in size with millimetre accuracy. 
  • Visualization of access into specific areas of any vessel via their PC.
  • Control monitoring throughout construction in order to assess 3-Dimensional movement of the main structures during the assembly processes.
  • Transfer of Scan data into various CAE software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) computations.
  • Ability to scan a vessel prior to it arriving in port, to allow necessary preparation in ensuring that unique vessel can be accommodated suitably and is not reliant on an outdated 2-Dimensional CAD.
  • Ability to operate in almost any environment including bright sunlight, low light or night conditions, indoors, and outdoors.

With ever increasing applications, specialised software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organisation.