Lieca HDS 7000 3D Laser Scanner Hire UK

Advanced Simtech offer a flexible and competitively priced 3D laser scanner hire service using the latest scanning hardware. We are delighted to have the Leica HDS 7000 ultra-high speed laser scanner available to hire providing our customers with bespoke access to one of the most powerful and accurate long range 3D laser scanning machines in the marketplace. Our customers can choose from a range of laser scanning equipment and services to best suits their needs. Advanced Simtech is able to offer the following servcies:

  • Contracting in our services to carry out the data capture for you.
  • Hiring our equipment for use with your own technicians.
  • Using our expertise in planning scanning activity and BIM modelling.
  • Post Processing Bureau work incl *.STL & *.IGES file generation plus reverse engineering services.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the Leica HDS 7000 long range laser scanner. This phase based scanner fully duplicates the capabilities of our previous scanning unit but now includes several key upgrades/capabilities including -     

  • Dual Axis Tilt Compensator
  • Survey grade accuracy
  • Class 1 laser – invisible beam and eye safe (no restrictions in the use of this laser device)
  • Extended Range up to 187m
  • Scan rate up to 1,000,000 points/second
  • Integrated Battery and Storage
  • Built in laser plummet
  • Touchscreen control and full colour display
  • Faster scan times
  • IP53 Rated with fully encapsulated mirror.

In addition to our Leica HDS 7000 laser scanner hire, we have a broad range of scanning accessories including:

  • Variety of tripods, ranging from a 30cm mini to 4.1m machine control tripod.
  • Tilt and turn targets including magnetic/tribrach mounts, self adhesive and more.
  • Spherical targets including magnetic mounts
  • Additional battery packs to allow uninterrupted use.
  • Rugged laptops or hand held data recorder for use on site if required.
  • External Digital SLR panorama camera kit for full colour overlay.
  • Invertor power generator
  • Optional assistance with the processing of captured pointcloud data.

All our equipment is well maintained and  packaged to ensure it reaches you in excellent working condition.

We are often able to offer further discounts for longer duration hires. Please call or email us with your requirements in order to receive a quotation and see how we can complement your business.


Contact us now on +44 (0)1789 264 782 for to enquire about our 3D laser scanner hire. 

Alternatively fill out our contact form and we will get back to you regarding your enquiry. 

Link to HDS7000 Technical Data (via Manufacturers Website)