Scanning for Heritage and Conservation 

More and more organisations are now realising the potential of laser scanning technology for being able to quickly and effectively capture detailed 3D information for their objects of interest, whether it is entire street scene, single building or single artefact.

The results of the laser scanning process captures millions of points to a very high level of accuracy which can also include colour data that recreate the captured object in true 3D. Often over 3 billion points will be used to capture a buildings precise layout capturing every unique feature.

Should buildings be damaged by flooding / fire etc. there is a highly accurate record of its original state, allowing refurbishment to the exacting standards and dimensions that it previously stood helping to ensuring listed buildings and heritage sites will be available for future generations to explore and enjoy.

CAD models of proposed repairs/upgrades can be viewed directly over the existing structures as captured by laser scanning in order to ensure that any required changes are sympathetic to the heritage of the environment.

Sufficient building detail can be captured through scanning and the overlaying of digital photography to enable the production of a virtual tour of a historic site and allow the creation of highly accurate CAD drawings without all involved in the process having to visit the actual site.

Scanning can also be used to compare damage and erosion to existing structures by comparing the current 3D capture to a previous laser scan model.  This allows conservationists and interested parties to plan for maintenance and refurbishment more accurately.

Organisations such as UNESCO and English Heritage are currently using detailed 3D laser scans of world heritage sites in order to record and preserve these unique areas of public interest and allow more people to be able to view the sites through digital media as well as accurately preserve the details of each site as currently found.

 Laser scanning can contribute significantly to the way in which we record the historic environment –never before have researchers and concerned parties had the means to record to this level of detail in a such a cost effective manner.

With ever increasing applications, specialized software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organization.

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