Collision Investigation

In a growing number of cases 3-Dimensional laser scanning is used to determine the cause of events which have led to a collision situation. This service is used widely throughout mainland Europe and the USA and is now becoming increasingly popular in the UK.  Traditionally standard Global and Topographic Positioning System survey equipment was used to measure marks of interest in order to generate a scene plan, along with reams of photographs taken by the investigator. 

Our scanner is able to capture precise measurements from the scene including any vehicles or street furniture involved. From here the investigator is able to revisit the scene in 3-Dimensions rather than using traditional 2-Dimensional photographs once back in the office.

Advanced Simtech’s laser scanning service complements traditional collision investigation techniques, quickly capturing large amounts of data at the scene whilst other activities are ongoing, one of the many added value benefits in ongoing investigations.

Often our work involves scanning scenes post accident clean up, whereby we will merge in the original survey marks based on fixed datums such as curb edges, edges of visible white lines or preset survey markers hammered into the ground.

Additional applications of scan data in collision investigation are:

  • Detailed scene capture including CCTV positions for alignment of camera matched images to the scene.
  • Witness line of sight analysis.
  • Vehicle deformation analysis, Delta V (change of velocity during an impact) and local deformation can be measured and shared with other experts.
  • Continuity of data – prior to any vehicle stripdown or analysis, the original seat positions and intrusion levels can be captured.
  • Computer Simulation can be used to re-align the collision details based on deformation pattern.

The laser scan data can be exported directly to various software packages for help in reconstructing the accident.


With ever increasing applications, specialized software and highly advanced methodologies; contact Advanced Simtech today to find out how we could benefit your organization.


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