3D Laser Scanning for Civil Engineering, Land Surveying & Architecture.

Advanced Simtech embraces the new generation of surveying technology and 3-Dimensional geometry capture by offering a comprehensive land surveying laser scanning service. We are able to produce highly detailed and accurate models for many applications within a wide spectrum of industries.

The benefits of this new technology are vast with capabilities that can shorten design times and ensure fast, accurate data whenever required- even when physical components are on a different continent to that of the design team.   

Laser scanning offers a cost effective, efficient and easy-to-use solution to many engineering applications. Find out how you can save money and time using Advanced Simtech’s range of services and methodologies to incorporate scan data into your projects.


Our High-Definition 3D laser surveying equipment not only offers additional benefits to the measurement professional, but also to the recipients and users of accurate spatial datasets.  Civil engineers, plant designers, CAD professionals, architects, contractors, land surveyors and owners/operators can all reap the cost and added-value benefits that our surveying equipment provides.

    • Elimination of costly ‘return visits’ to the site.
    • More accurate, complete 'as-built' surveys for retrofit design projects translate into better retrofit designs.
    • Minimised construction rework due to interferences and the ability to reduce field fabrication work.
    • Reduced facility downtime due to fast, unobtrusive scene capture and minimal field assembly.


Essentially from concept to completion in reduced time thanks to our high definition laser scanner.

Added Value Benefits

In addition to direct cost saving, our scanning team offer important “added value” benefits:

  • Faster, higher quality results.
  • Shorter project cycle times.
  • Less ambiguity – more complete survey data.
  • Higher level-of-detail.
  • Safer data capture.
  • Point clouds can be conveniently used & reviewed by others for more efficient management of projects.

One of the many benefits of scanning as opposed to traditional surveying methods is that any change in scope by the client will not require another trip out to the site. All data for the site is already contained within the scan, saving time and money.

Other civil uses include:

  • Topographic survey
  • Engineering survey
  • Volumetric modelling
  • Erosion monitoring
  • Quarry surveys
  • Land development
  • Restricted access surveys
  • Coastal  defences
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