3D Laser Scanning Services UK

3D Laser scanning is a new technology which far exceeds the capabilities offered by traditional surveying and measurement techniques. Our 3D laser scanning services are faster, cheaper and more detailed than a survey produced by a total station (the traditional instrument used in surveying)  and is rapidly becoming the industry standard.


Advanced Simtech will manage all aspects of your project from the initial scanning to the production of a detailed visual model. Alternatively, if you are looking to rent 3D laser scanning equipment please visit our laser scanner hire page

Our high definition 3D laser scanning equipment alongside our highly advanced techniques allow us to offer our UK clients a rapid and flexible 3-Dimensional capture solution that is suitable for scanning both large, open scenes and small, finer architectural detail. 

Cost effective scan deliverables can be made available to clients in a wide range of formats, from 2-Dimensional plans and 3-Dimensional CAD models, to damage assessment overlays and detailed virtual models. 

Our 3D laser scanning services measure a large number of points on the surface of an object and output this data as a point cloud. A point cloud is a set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system. The raw point cloud data obtained by laser scanning can be used in a variety of different ways:

  • Providing a fly-through view of any structure or building.
  • To generate 2 or 3-Dimensional plans along with multiple section views.
  • Using the ‘as-is’ data with the known relative densities of each point allows an image or mesh to be superimposed over the top of the point cloud to create a reconstruction (this is particularly useful in heritage sites where a superimposed image makes visualization of the site very easy).

This pointcloud data is commonly used to accurately provide "as-built" or "existing" information to assist the design process. One of the great advantages of using a laser scanner is that previously inaccessible locations can now be safely measured.

Applications include:

  • Forensic data capture.
  • Right of Light Assesments
  • Creation of accurate CAE models from scan data.
  • Creation of 2 and 3-Dimensional plans.
  • Vehicle damage assessment.
  • 3-Dimensional Visualization.
  • Measurement & inspection.
  • Full vehicle capture - (internal and external) Automotive, Marine, Aviation & Defence.
  • Packaging assessment for ingress and egress of new hardware into existing vehicles. 
  • Vehicle cockpit and engine bay measurement.
  • Condition Monitoring of structures, coastal erosion and excavations

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HDS 7000 Scanner

  • Class 1 Laser Safety Rating
  • Captures up to 1,000,000 points per second
  • Range up to 187m
  • Controlled and repeatable accuracy
  • Fully portable
  • IP53 rating with a "encapsulated mirror"
  • Onboard data storage and battery.
  • Operates in most weather and lighting conditions
  • External Digital SLR Camera Solution

Leica HDS7000 Datasheet

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