Rapid site survey and transfer to CAD

This page outlines the surveying of a railway station. The site was laser scanned in around 4 hours and this data was used to prepare visualisation ‘fly throughs’ and a 3D CAD model.

Case Study – Rapid site Survey and transfer to CAD

Customer: Private Client

Case Overview

A Railway Station was to be laser scanned in order to demonstrate the range of deliverables that we could offer the client. The site is approximately 7,000 sq.m.


The laser scanning was completed in around 4 hours and this included capture of both laser scan and photogrammetry data using our Leica HDS6100 laser scanner and panoramic SLR equipment.

A total of 24 Laser scan positions were utilised, each containing approximately 20,000,000 seperate points of data. This point cloud data was then registered with photographic colour data applied, within a few hours of completing the survey.



Once the raw data has been captured, we were then able to process the data into both simple visualisations and detailed CAD schematics. For the visualisations, Pointools software was used to create a flythrough animation of the station using only the registered point cloud (To view the video, click here).

Truviews were also generated in order to allow the client to move throught the scene and carryout detailed measuerments of the station form their desktop.

 train2a.png   train3a.png

 The next step was a create a detailed 3D CAD model of the station based on the scan data.  This was completed in approximately 1 week and is accurate to within 10mm (based wholly on the external building features only)

 train4a.png   train8a.PNG


Advanced Simtech were able to use laser scanning to provide a useful and highly visual set of deliverables in order to aid a possible redevelopment plan. The scan data also acts as a heritage resource, providing a record of the site in its current state aiding any possible restoration or repair to the original features..