Case Studies

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Collision                Fatal occupant ejection investigation involving a 4x4 roll-over.
Reconstruction (Customer - UK Police)         


Reconstruction of an accident where both occupants were ejected from the vehicle.

  (Customer - UK Police)         
  A complex reconstruction of multiple occupants in a single vehicle
  in order to prove the identity of the driver.
  (Customer - UK Police)
CCTV Analysis

Fatal balcony fall - Combining 3D crime scene laser scans, CCTV and biomechanics simulation.

  (Customer - Private Client)

Using 2D CCTV images to position an ejected occupant thrown form a vehicle after it lost control.

  (Customer - UK Police)
Laser Scanning Capturing geometry from various helicopter cockpits and translating the data
to CAE into multi-body MADYMO models to be used for crew safety assessment simulations.
  (Customer - QinetiQ)
Biomechanics Vehicle interior examination using interior damage profiles to help understand
Investigation what happened to the occupants during a collision.
  (Customer - UK Police)
  Using biomechanics simultion to investigate a fatal stairway fall 
  (Customer - Private Client)
Train Crash Demonstrating how multiple occupants on a commuter train would interact during a train crash. (Coming Soon)
  (Customer - ITV London)
Laser Scanning Case study of rapid site survey and tranfer of data into detailed CAD models
to CAD for Civil Engineering/Architectural development. 
  (Customer - Private Client)
Motorcycle Matching trajectory paths for a motorcyclist and pillion passenger involved in a fatal collision. (Coming Soon)
  (Customer - UK Police)
   We have a wide  range of cases relating to our applied areas of expertise in:
   - Laser Scanning
   - Occupant Safety, Seat Belts & Airbag analysis
   - Accident Reconstruction & Investigation
   - CCTV Analysis
   - Virtual Modelling & Visualisation

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